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 How can I be sure I am getting complete air/water separation with Crystal Tip?
 If your equipment is in good operating order, we guarantee 100% air/water separation.Crystal Tip's O-Ring tip lock secures the tip into the syringe. The inner core seats perfectly into your syringe because it was designed to replace metal tips in standard
 Why does Crystal Tip come in multiple colors?
 When we designed Crystal Tip, in addition to making a superior product, we thought it would be fun to have different colors. Even we couldn't have imagined the positive response that has brought from our customers. Some customers favor a certain color, bu
 How does the Crystal Rewards Program work?
 Crystal Rewards are just one of the many ways we thank our loyal customers. This new program was launched in conjunction with our new web site. We want to encourage our customers to order on-line. It saves them time, is more cost efficient and it is much
 What is the $250 Working Guarantee?
 We believe so strongly in our product, that if Crystal Tips don't work, and you have problems that we cannot resolve, we will pay you $250. However, your equipment must be in good working order and you must give us the opportunity to correct whatever prob
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