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Crystal Tip Rewards

Crystal Tip Rewards

As one more way of showing our appreciation for your business and loyalty, every time you purchase Crystal Tips or any other products through our on-line store, you earn Crystal Rewards points. These points accrue with each purchase and may be redeemed whenever you wish. When you purchase from our on-line store, your points automatically accrue to your account. Points are limited to on-line purchases only.

Distributor Purchases: If you typically purchase your Crystal Tips through a distributor, you may still qualify for Crystal Rewards points. It's simple. However, you must place your order through our on-line store. We will simply forward the order to your distributor for fulfillment. If your distributor does not carry Liquid Smile, Safe Hands Pro, or any of our other products that you would like to order, we will fulfill that directly from our warehouse and you will continue to accrue points for all your purchases, including Crystal Tips.

Points are accrued based on the products you purchase. Following is a breakdown of points:

CT Classic 250 CT Bulk Pack CT Super Special CT Mega Pack
450 Points 2500 Points 4000 Points 5000 Points
(Per Pack) (Per Pack) (Per Pack) (Per Pack)

Redeem your points at any time. Simply click on the appropriate category icon, or select from the side menu and select your Crystal Tip reward. Just add it to your shopping cart and submit it. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 800-944-3939