Crystal Tip®


It's not just us talking. Our doctors, hygienists and assistants are our best sales people! They rave about the quality, the colors, and most importantly, they back up what we say. Crystal Tip® works perfectly, provides 100% air/water separation and is a great alternative to autoclavable syringe tips.

Here's what our dental staffs have to say about crystal tip®.


Thank you for that! The tips are much better than the Pro Tips I use. The tip is much better fixed on the adapter, you can even use them to push the cheek aside and they look so good! Everybody can see that you use Single-Use tips. Perfect!

Dr Patrick David Hanel


I find this product very easy and comfortable to be used because of its plug-in/plug-out from syringe. Also air/water separation is really useful as it allow you to dry dental surfaces in an efficient way, with no water residues risking to contaminate parts to be dryed. No doubt it is an excellent system that simplify and ease procedures in the office.

Dr Carlo Morlacchi


I have been meaning to tell you how happy I am with the Crystal Tips. They are a great product and we have no problems with them at all.

Dr Richard Kolen


Multiple offices I have worked with use Crystal Tip and swear by the product. After talking with the rep yesterday he had let me know about the warranty, not only was he super nice and helpful but that warranty is great!! I would recommend Crystal Tip to any office.

Cypress Family Dental

United States

I love it!! And my nurse loves it too :) Perfect air /water separation making the air dry at all times. Finally the hygienic 3:1 syringe system I was looking for.

Dr Liliana Fonseca


Crystal Tips are a great product, we feel this brand is superior to others. They are more leak-proof and provide a faster drying time which makes our procedures at our school program more efficient and less time for our staff and students chair time.

Children's Dental Health Services

United States

Excellent product! Finally always perfect (water / air) spray and real sterility with quick exchange in trendy color! Simply not to be missed in the daily practice!

Dr Danny Van den Eynde


Your product, the Crystal Tip is by far the best I have ever used. There is no leakage of water, it is very easy to use, and the colors make it fun in a pedo office. Thank you for developing Crystal Tips and would highly recommend them. I hope to continue using your product for many more years to come.

Dr Penny Resnick-Graulich

United States

Our Crystal Tips are still working fine and are in use each each day. Idea, stylish appearance and product itself I recommend to any dentist.

Dr Frank Sauerwald


We love Crystal Tips! The tips come in nice colors. Work well in each room. And very importantly, they don't spray water when you just want perfectly dry air. Thank you,

Daniel Nelson

United States

I first used Crystal Tips about 4 years ago. In addition to the issue of single use items and infection control, I was having problems with my metal syringes. I was getting drops of water from my air which was interfering with my placement of composites. The Crystal Tips are inexpensive and totally reliable to provide dry air. I purchase the tips in bulk to last a year but always get that reminder call from Customer Service to check on our stock. Simple, easy and reliable.

Dr. Irv Fremit


It is an amazing product. I liked it very much. At my very first look at it, I didn't pay attention. But when I tried is amazing!!!!

Dr Ciro Biggi