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No matter what air/water syringe tip you currently use, there are many good reasons to consider switching to the best tip. We've literally dissected the competition so that you can see the differences. Crystal Tip® is the gold standard when it comes to air/water syringe tips. Click on any of the tip images below for a detailed comparative analysis.

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General Description: Manufactured by Acteon, RISKONTROL® is multi-colored plastic tip with no protrusion (inner core). The tip is easy to identify by it's flat shape and the name RISKONTROL® written across the side. There is a lumen for water and a lumen for air in a side-by-side configuration. RisKontrol® requires a proprietary adapter on all syringes including A-dec® and DCI®. The RisKontrol® adapter is recognizable with two long tubes extending from inside the adapter. The newest RisKontrol® adapter requires the user to align a notch on the tip before inserting and then twisting to secure the tip onto the syringe. Free Crystal Tip® adapters will be provided to anyone switching from RisKontrol®.

RisKontrol® vs Crystal Tip®

Questions RisKontrol® Crystal Tip®
Requires a Proprietary Adapter
Interchangable with Metal Tips
Same Length as Metal Tips
Separate Air/Water Chambers
Can See Air Chamber to Assure no Moisture
Has O-Ring Tip-Lock Groove for a Secure Fit
Can Assure Dry Air on Contact
Free Adapters
Has Dual-Body Construction
Has Exchange Program
Has Competitive Upgrade Program
Has Customer Loyalty Program
Has Crystal Rewards Program


  • Water leaks.
  • Weak bonding due to moisture crossover.
  • Loose tips can be hazardous.
  • Adapter can damage tips.
  • Not suitable for cheek retraction.
RisKontrol® users all seem to develop the bad habit of needing to clear moisture crossover on their pants, patient bib, floor, mirror, etc. This annoying problem originates in the flawed design of the tip and adapter. The tip is lacking a connection point for an o-ring. A pliable, flexible o-ring is essential to creating a reliable water seal inside your syringe. The RisKontrol® adapter instead has two sharp metal tubes inside that can damage the tip causing blockage of the air and/or water channels as well as the possible introduction of foreign plastic material into the oral cavity.