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No matter what air/water syringe tip you currently use, there are many good reasons to consider switching to the best tip. We've literally dissected the competition so that you can see the differences. Crystal Tip® is the gold standard when it comes to air/water syringe tips. Click on any of the tip images below for a detailed comparative analysis.

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Adapter Required
  • Pro-Tip® has the largest profile while also being among the shortest of all disposable tips.
  • Pro-Tip® has two air channels.
  • Pro-Tip® has a slot that must align on the adapter, making insertion awkward.
  • Pro-Tip® is opaque, so user is unable to see if there is water in the air channels.

Pro-Tip® vs Crystal Tip®

Questions Pro-Tip® Crystal Tip®
Requires a Proprietary Adapter
Interchangable with Metal Tips
Same Length as Metal Tips
Separate Air/Water Chambers
Can See Air Chamber to Assure no Moisture
Has O-Ring Tip-Lock Groove for a Secure Fit
Can Assure Dry Air on Contact
Free Adapters
Has Dual-Body Construction
Has Exchange Program
Has Competitive Upgrade Program
Has Customer Loyalty Program
Has Crystal Rewards Program


  • Has dedicated air/water channels to prevent leakage.


  • The large size of tip obscures vision.
  • Adapter rotates making insertion/removal of tip frustrating. This also creates inconsistencies with spray pattern while tip is in use.
  • Adapter has no tapered pin to seal the air from the water, causing leaking issues.