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No matter what air/water syringe tip you currently use, there are many good reasons to consider switching to the best tip. We've literally dissected the competition so that you can see the differences. Crystal Tip® is the gold standard when it comes to air/water syringe tips. Click on any of the tip images below for a detailed comparative analysis.

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Metal Tip

No Adapter Required

General Description: Manufactured by many different companies, including A-dec® and DCI®, the traditional metal autoclavable tip is made entirely from metal, including the protrusion. There is a center lumen for water with four, five, or even six surrounding lumens for air depending upon the manufacturer. Metal tips do not require a proprietary adapter on A-dec® or DCI® type syringes. Crystal Tip® is directly interchangeable with metal tips. Metal tips are intended to be re-processed between patients; however, it is proven that sterilization is ineffective due to the construction of the tip.

  • Metal tips are not a good choice if you are concerned about infection control. Bio-burden is known to collect inside the micro-lumen making them very difficult to sterilize.

Metal Tip vs Crystal Tip®

Questions Metal Tip Crystal Tip®
Requires a Proprietary Adapter
Interchangable with Metal Tips
Same Length as Metal Tips
Separate Air/Water Chambers
Can See Air Chamber to Assure no Moisture
Has O-Ring Tip-Lock Groove for a Secure Fit
Can Assure Dry Air on Contact
Free Adapters
Has Dual-Body Construction
Has Exchange Program
Has Competitive Upgrade Program
Has Customer Loyalty Program
Has Crystal Rewards Program


  • Cross-contamination.
  • Accumulation of bioburden makes them difficult to sterilize.
  • Older tips are clogged and do not spray correctly.
  • Water leaks and moisture crossover become present after the tip is re-processed many times.
  • Inefficient compared to single-use.
The arguments and evidence against using metal tips are so extensive that we created a special section on our website to discuss - click here _?_ to access articles, studies, and current events regarding this important public health concern. The quick summary is that debris (bioburden including blood, tissue, saliva, bacteria, and viruses) become trapped inside the metal tip's micro-lumen where the air and water travel. If you cannot effectively pre-clean the inside of a metal tip, then how can you sterilize properly? Each time a metal tip is re-processed, the problem actually becomes worse - not better. Clogged metal tips not only present a serious infection control risk, but they also begin to fail in performance causing problems with moisture crossover and poor spray characteristics.