Crystal Tip®

Common Complaints

After nearly 20 years of working with dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists, we have heard many complaints dental professionals have concerning their dental air and dental water delivery systems, disposable air/water syringe tips and metal tips. Here we will share the most common complaints from around the world.

I always have to blow water out of the air/water syringe tip before I can go to dry air! It gets on the wall, my shoes, the floor, my patient's bib.

That's because the air/water syringe tip you are using probably requires a proprietary adapter and the fit is not the way the syringe was designed by manufacturer.

Sometimes the air/water syringe tip flies right out of the syringe.

That's most likely caused by one of two things.

a) The proprietary air/water syringe adapter requires awkward insertion moves, such as screwing tight on tip, or the yellow band has to be depressed during insertion, and you might not get the right "seating".

b) You are using a Sani-Tip® or Seal-Tight® tip in a DCI® or A-dec-style syringe without their special adapter.

I'm having to replace O-Rings almost every two months and I'm tired of it.

That's most likely because you are using an autoclavable tip, or a Safe-Tip EZ® disposable tip with a autoclavable inner core. Metal is much harder on the O-Rings than plastic. Just like a metal knife will cut steak more easily than a plastic knife.

I hate the sterilization process. It is time consuming and the ultrasonic solution looks awful after a while.

That's because your dentist refuses to make the switch to a much more sanitary disposable tip, such as Crystal Tip®.

I'm spending more money on metal tips than on my spouse's Birthday and Christmas gifts combined!

That's because metal tips get clogged with debris (biofilm) and become ineffective, or because they get accidentally lost, tossed, or flushed down sink drains during the sterilization process. Switch to Crystal Tip® and buy your spouse an even nicer Birthday gift!

I lost my proprietary adapter. Now I have to order another one, and they're expensive.

That's because other companies require you to purchase adapters. With Crystal Tip®, adapters are ALWAYS FREE!

I got these air/water syringe tips because they are cheap, but it seems like 15% - 20% don't work, and sometimes the inner core stem breaks off inside the adapter. What a pain to get that out.

That's because you are likely using someone's house brand or a product manufactured in China. If you add up the number of bad tips with the price you paid, you'll find out that while they may be CHEAP tips, they aren't that inexpensive!

I got this new tip with a proprietary adapter, but now I have to change the way I use the air/water syringe because it obstructs my field of view.

Ah, you may have purchased Pro-Tip®, or RisKontrol®, both of which have unique shapes compared to the standard metal tips you were used to using. Crystal Tip(R) are the same length and diameter of metal tips.

We forgot to order air water syringe tips, I'm out, and I can't do anything. I can't even use the metal tips I always keep on hand just in case…

Once again, the proprietary adapter rears its ugly head. Crystal Tip® is designed just like metal tips, so if you ever accidentally run out, your metal tips will fit just fine.

All of a sudden my air water syringe has more leaks than the federal government. I don't know what to do!

If only you were a Crystal Tip® customer. We have the best customer service program on the planet. We'll give free O-Rings, free adapters. We'll even refurbish your syringe for you at no charge. He'll we'll send you duct tape if you want!